Which Is the Better Choice for Entertainment

I have been an avid gamer for most of my life. When I look back to the days of commodore 64 and slightly forward to the times of the Super Nintendo and N64, the console market had very little competition. Sega and Nintendo dominated the market and what they had to offer was nothing short of futuristic dreams. Fast forward into the millennium we now have new giants of the console market forcing huge technological innovations and with separation of hardware and software markets, we have software giants like Activision constantly challenging hardware makers to deliver even more technological change in very short spaces. These notable large technological changes in combination with marketing gurus fueling consumer thirsts are bound to lead to interesting questions. One which normally dominates the 18-30 demographic is, “Which is better, XBOX or PlayStation?”

The PlayStation was the first modern console to hit the market and changed the way we perceived console gaming. It was quickly followed by the PlayStation 2, which sold close to a million copies on launch. The PlayStation 2 was equipped with the

Media Entertainment

Nokia E61 first came to the market, but the people’s reception to that Nokia baby was not so warm. E61 was Nokia’s first attempt to match other smart phones like RIM’s Blackberry 8700/8800 and Palm Treo’s 680/750/755p models. It is the first Nokia QWERTY communicator device. The problem that came with E61 was with the usability and there was an unclear product focus. Nokia tried to simplify E61 by taking away E61’s WI-FI capability and few other programs, thus coming up with the E62.

In an effort to correct the original issues with E61, and to give the market another option for smart phone besides Treo and Blackberry, Nokia Released the E61i model.

Nokia’s difference with RIM and Palm is that it puts in its devices “being a phone” first. RIM focuses on email devices while Palm on organizer devices. E61i has a great voice quality. It operates well in both speaker phone and handset modes and there will only be a little distortion if the voice will be maxed out. Although it has a very sensitive microphone that easily

Mobile Media Entertainment

Technology re-identified is the attempt to coalesce tools into one mini gadget. We can say that technology is an evolution in a hurry. I wouldn’t agree that laziness fathered invention. Humans are just a convenience-hungry creature.

It’s really tricky to tell which among the latest gadgets is the newest, as new gadgets swarm the markets in an almost daily basis. We can say that the entertainment value of each concept-created gadget dominates pragmatic reasons. Or, that the primary rationale of most gadgets that is communication has been redefined to make communication more fun.

It is amazing to trace how man has improved his means of communication. He started scribbling in cave walls, has learned to use figures and icons to convey a message and he has later learned to send those messages using trained pigeons. And because man is ever hungry to leave a more expedient life, he never ceased to advance. And man has worked arduously to develop his communication equipment. But besides man’s ingenuity and being convenience-hungry is man’s love for fun. And man’s love for pleasure dates

Working in the Media

For many people the idea of working in the media covers only a few areas such as television, radio and newspapers, but you may be surprised to know that it’s actually a much wider world than that. These more traditional ideas of media have been joined in recent years by video games and the interactive experience provided by the Internet, as well as including the ever present film industry. To say that you’re ‘working in the media’ today means something entirely different when compared to even ten years ago; the options available are almost limitless.

Working in the media is all about adaptability

The traditional world of television is changing with new digital channels appearing on a regular basis, all of which are fighting for their share of advertising and ratings. Of course, they need qualified professionals who are able to create their programming and keep them on air, whether that’s production crews or the faces in front of the camera. With the recent switching off of the analogue broadcast signals around the country, the digital age is truly here – yet more channels and production companies will continue to spring up, so if you’re looking

Using Customer Engagement & Participation to Enhance Loyalty in the Media Industry


There seems to be rapid afforestation as far as the media industry is concerned. Many players battle for the eye-balls of the viewers and readers. In this jungle only those media and entertainment companies will survive that are able to effectively engage with their consumers to rapidly identify and react to the evolving demands and consumption patterns of end users.

To say that the media and entertainment (M&E) consumption in the last decade has undergone a paradigm shift would not be an exaggeration. The time when entertainment as represented by the media typically meant a few grainy channels on the television or tuning into limited stations on the radio or else gorging on news (that would typically be considered stale) from the newspaper or reading a book (hardcopy, mind you) seems like the choices of a bygone era. Those were days when outdoors were more welcoming. Today one is connected to the world through various hi-tech networked means. As the media has changed, so have its consumers.

The renaissance seems to have been driven by one single factor- advancing technology. The same technology that has ushered-in abundance has not brought the change in isolation,

Entertainment As We Know Now

The incredible progression in technology has apparently come up with a new definition for leisure and entertainment. Entertainment as we know now has entirely transformed from what it was a decade back. There has been a significant improvement in the amusement devices in the past couple of years which has really turned the world around. Here are some of the current innovations…

Multi-Media and Multi-Screens… Have you ever realized your Smartphone’s screen is too small to watch a video or an episode of your favorite serial, no problem it is now possible to transfer it within seconds to another device such as tablet and even to the LED TV as well.

Media on Internet… Since internet is now available in nearly all the homes then why pay for traditional and boring cable TV connection that does not even offer any features or perks. Using high speed broadband for media on the television from the internet can considerably enhance the entertainment experience of the people within a limited charge of their broadband services.

Direct to the Consumers… Content distribution has always experienced lack of transparency, however direct to home television has been bliss for the people

Paper Books of Today Versus Multi-Media Books of Tomorrow

The other day at our Think Tank we were discussing the end of an era of the printing press, and book. That is to say the end of paper books, magazines, and newspapers. Just as the US Post Office is having trouble competing with email delivery, eCoupons, and online accounts and bill paying, the publishing industry is getting hammered by eZines and eBooks. Now then, when there is chaos and crisis or disruptive innovation in one sector of an industry, there is in fact, opportunity in another.

Not so long ago, I mentioned to an acquaintance that I’d written an interesting article on multi-media books of the future, which would be displayed on eReaders, Tablets, and Laptops – not only would these books have associated videos, graphics, pictures, avatars, but they would also encompass sight, smell, sound, and touch. Okay so let me explain. Scents would be present if the characters were walking through a field of daisies, along with a holographic display.

When I explained this to a fellow think tanker type, Troy LaClaire, in conjunction with the fact that the publishing industry challenges, and that the publishing sector would have to adapt or die

Nintendo DS Media Player

It will certainly be a good idea if you can water videos and movies on your Nintendo DS. In fact, you will also want to use it to listen to MP3s. I can tell you that it is totally possible for you to do so. Yet, you will need to purchase a media player in order to enjoy the multi-media entertainments with your NDS.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people do not really know that they can change their Nintendo DS to a multi-media player. In fact, you can purchase it easily from Amazon or eBay. You will also be able to see tons of search results when you try to search for it on Google or Yahoo.

For the movie lovers, it is certainly a must buy accessory for your NDS. You can enjoy the videos and movies you love when you have it on your hand. You can certainly be able to watch the movie you love when you are traveling on the bus. It will certainly make your trip less boring. And it will even make your trip exciting.

For music lovers, you may think that you can just

The Psychology of Entertainment

Entertainment is an experience most sought after and enjoyed by all of us. But the question is; what is its psychological cause? Why do human society, across all cultures and periods enjoy and seek out entertainment? Why is entertainment so important? Why people from all spheres of life want to be entertained and find the experience so satisfying.

First of all, let us define entertainment. Entertainment can be defined as any activity, which allows people to entertain themselves in their spare time. Entertainment generally is passive, such as watching movie, T.V shows, live theatre, etc., etc. Active forms of entertainment such as sports are more often considered to be recreation. Actions such as book reading or playing musical instruments are regarded as hobbies. Various forms of entertainment are theatre, cinema, dance shows, social dance, parties, sports and games. Entertainment such as puppet shows, clowns, mimes and cartoons are likely to be attractive to children.

Human nature is an escapist nature. We need an escape from real life. We need to feed our fantasies. Entertainment takes us to an altered world of our liking and fulfils our want for fantasy and an escape from real life tedium.

Media Exposure in Dubai and Job Opportunities

Dubai has great career opportunities for professionals who are engaged with media industry. Dubai has become top destination for foreign expats because of its luxurious lifestyle and tax-free salary packages. If you have right skills and experience regarding media industry then this is the right time to move on and grab the opportunities. Thousands of media companies are looking for skilled media professionals within whole United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is expanding in all directions successfully. Mission of Dubai Ruler’s aimed at diversifying economy cross different directions. This has lead to supercharge the development different sectors and industries. Main sectors and industries that has boosted at fast pace in Dubai includes real estate, finance, construction, tourism, media & entertainment and health care.

Media industry is among most flourishing industries in Dubai. Main reason behind this is special attention of Dubai Government, as a result, special infrastructures have been developed in the form of media parks like Dubai Studio City, Dubai Media City & Dubai Internet City that has enabled housing of big multinational companies. Due to these measures by the Government Dubai has emerged as media-hub in the region. Dubai has also successfully held one of the

How to Select a Network HD Media Player

With a network HD media player you can have instant access to all of your favorite movies from the past until now. You can even access online movies and videos at the simple click of a button.

You will have the capabilities to stream all of your most loved videos off of any site on the internet and they will be in full HD glory too! New apps are constantly being offered so you can rest assured you are always offered up to date streaming video and music selections.

These streaming HD media players offer anything your wildest techno dreams could imagine. With its stealth looks and capabilities, a whole new internet awaits you. You can change the whole way you look at media entertainment online. When you experience the internet that has been directed right to your TV screen you will never be able to watch regular media again.

All of these media players are designed a bit differently with their own special features that are created just for consumers like you. There are so many features that the HD media offers for your enjoyment. For example: internet video is already built in, you

Entertaining when Presenting Mind Map Methods to Students

When teaching a new way of thinking to students it is important that they grasp the concept. If you over entertain you lose them in the excitement and if you do not entertain enough they fall asleep. So the question recently pondered at the Online Think Tank was; Explaining VS. Entertaining when Presenting Mind Map Methods to Students.

Let face it kids are bombarded with media entertainment and so if you do not WOW the crowd then you cannot compete with the mass media hysteria, U-Tube and Internet. When teaching to University Student X’ers, you must remember they do not trust the establishment.

Of course when teaching Mind Mapping and Mind Map concepts generally disdain for establishment can be overcome and the thought of Mind Map thinking is indeed somewhat anti-establishment, as you tell them to “Question Authority,” think for themselves, look over the data and be skeptical of news articles with Who, what, when, where, how, why, etc.

Thus you have all the components to teach it and rather than dwelling on it all, maybe you could “Just Start” and see what works and modify it as you go. Of course this is contrary

Media Choices That Matter

Sometime around 1997 and 1998 I made a decision that would alter my life ever so slightly for the next ten plus years. I turned off my television. I didn’t get rid of it I simply canceled my cable service and stopped watching. I continued to rent movies at a rapid pace and with the money I wasn’t spending on cable service I even began to purchase some movies. But the television was gone.

This might not seem like such a big deal as there are a lot of people who don’t watch television for a myriad of reasons. What made it a big deal for me was that I had more than grown up with television my life was centered on television. I was in my twenties before I could no longer recite to the Thursday night lineup the included “The Cosby Show” or the lineup from years before that which included “The A-Team”. In 1983 my summer mornings did not consist of games of baseball in an old sandlot or explorations down by the creek. They consisted of Pat Sajak and The Wheel of Fortune, reruns of The Love Boat and Benson, and the Peter

Contemporary Entertainment Furniture

You spend so much time viewing your television, so it’s important the surroundings are worth looking at. There are now more stylish solutions on the market than ever before, but some of the glossiest designs are coming out of Italy, and especially designer Casabella. Their popular Luce and Rivera ranges, which are available from select upmarket furniture retailers, have been extended to include multi-media units which offer flexible storage opportunities, while being designed to harmonise with the other contemporary furniture pieces in the range.

The gorgeous black and white Luce low-level TV and entertainment storage units are divided into two or three drawer elements that allow complete freedom to create your ideal furniture piece. The soft black gloss contrasts with the white drawers to create an eye-catching effect. By removing the optional glass TV shelf, you also have a striking low sideboard for displaying important items.

Luce’s spacious TV and media entertainment unit features several shelves for a DVD player and/or satellite/freeview receiver, plus generous cupboard space with a sliding DVD shelf. This contemporary unit can be personalised by either a glass or solid door across the cabinet area.

Rivera’s entertainment unit is designed to

Guidelines to an Effective New Media Music Press Release

As an independent or unsigned musician you may be wondering just exactly what is the function of a music publicist. Well, clearly they certainly have a few important functions in the promotion of your music career – this is for sure. This article is geared to showing you the guidelines to publicity in the music business regarding the new media music press release. The primary function of a good music publicist is to generate awareness for an artists project and their CD product releases. They do this easily, if they are good and evidently they must be very well connected. A well connected music publicist has built many relationships over the years with music journalists, and music media outlets. There are many entertainment publicists for hire however it is crucial to slowly make the right decision when hiring a music publicist. When a publicist who has built relations and is well connected speaks – the music media and entertainment media listens. There are many music-publicist want to-be’s so do it slowly, and most certainly do exhibit caution in your selection of a music publicist.

There are obviously various strategies employed by a real music publicist to

Integrating Traditional, Digital & Social Media

Millions of consumers converse on a daily basis in online communities, discussion forums, blogs and social networks. They turn to the Internet to share opinions, advice, grievances and recommendations. Are you listening, connecting and responding in a way that protects and promotes your brand?

Find out how consumers feel about your brand, product or service-in their words. Listening to our consumers is most critical at a time when there is so much to offer on the Internet. It has been said that traditional media is losing its face value and that the Internet is a fad and digital only applies to the millennium generation. While that may seem true, if you want to stay on the innovative cusp for your business, use both traditional and internet media marketing and here are some reasons why.

o Online conversations can power or deflate a company’s brand. Do you have a presence?
o Discover specific issues that are being discussed around your company, brand or organization and
create feedback to these issues.
o There may be events, trends and issues that may be influencing industry and brand buzz.
o Measure how your online and offline marketing campaigns resonate with

Media Law

Media law, also referred to as entertainment law, is a branch within the legal system that is devoted to assisting entertainers and media artists who have been accused of any type of defamation within the entertainment industry. The term media is used broadly to describe an array of different forums on which anyone can express themselves, including broadcast television, the internet, cinema, publishing, music, advertising, and more. While these different methods of entertainment are meant to do just that – entertain – they sometimes go beyond their call of duty and unintentionally offend others who may be listening, reading, watching, or partaking in any other way. Under these circumstances, threats to shut down the entertainment sources or even take them to court can threaten the legal rights provided to performers and entertainers within the industry. It is at this stage of the game that a litigation lawyer that is skilled in media law will need to be involved in the situation.

As an artist or entertainer it is your right (as established in the United States Constitution) to speak freely and expressively about topics of your choice. Unfortunately, some topics are more controversial than others and can

Entertainment Industry

There are countless industries and social domains that are gaining their shares in the mobile app market. Media and entertainment stand no exception to that. While radio, telly channels, newspaper, magazines, etc. have always been an inseparable part of people’s lives, mobile apps made everything possible, from reading news to enjoying movies at the tips of their fingers.

Market research revealed that people spent more than half of their time in a day on mobile, that include digital media too. There are very few aspects of media that remained uncovered by apps today. From watching sports live to reading an eBook, there are apps available for all, offering amusements to the mobile users anywhere and anytime. This leaves no doubt that mobile apps gave rise to new avenues to the players in the entertainment or media industry and ushered them to a fully mobile-centric world. Here’s an overview of how mobile applications became a prominent new media and are providing top-grade entertainment to the users.

Fun-filled Gaming experience

The advanced and sophisticated features of the smartphones or iPhones offer an immersive gaming experience to the users when they engage with a game-play application. Apps brought

Media & Entertainment Law

The cases of The British Broadcasting Corporation v Sugar and Another [2007] and R (on the application of) The British Broadcasting Corporation v The Information Tribunal and Others [2007] concerned the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – a number of pieces of legislation should be mentioned to assist in the interpretation of these cases.

The appellant in the case, the British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”), asked B to provide advice on the coverage by the BBC of Middle Eastern matters. During 2004, B, who was an experienced journalist, produced an internal written report on the subject. The report was placed for consideration by the journalism board of the BBC. Then, in 2005 a panel was appointed to provide an external independent review of BBC reporting of Middle East affairs. This second report was never published.

The respondent, S, wished to see the second report. He was of the opinion that he was entitled to see it under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the “2000 Act”). He therefore made a written request to the BBC, the response to which was that the report directly impacted on the BBC’s reporting of crucial world events and

Serving Up the Best of Media Entertainment

A lot of buzz was created when iPod Touch 3G was launched into the market. Great reviews greeted the new product and that didn’t stop there. Thanks to the ever-growing apps, iPod Touch 3G is more solid now than ever before. There are a lot of programs to fill up your iPod that you will drain your pocket even before you run out of storage space.

This version of iPod Touch is probably a heaven sent for hard-core gamers since this is its forte. You might encounter problems with other apps but when it comes to gaming, iPod 3G will play it all. There is just no limit for game lovers from popular arcade games to more hard core video games the App Store has it all. What’s more, you will never be disappointed with its responsive screen.

It would be safe to say that you don’t have to carry another gaming gadget during your travel if you have an iPod Touch 3G. Because with this portable media player, you can entertain yourself for long hours, just like you would with other gaming handheld. If you are not a gamer, there’s still more than enough reason