Working in the Media

For many people the idea of working in the media covers only a few areas such as television, radio and newspapers, but you may be surprised to know that it’s actually a much wider world than that. These more traditional ideas of media have been joined in recent years by video games and the interactive experience provided by the Internet, as well as including the ever present film industry. To say that you’re ‘working in the media’ today means something entirely different when compared to even ten years ago; the options available are almost limitless.

Working in the media is all about adaptability

The traditional world of television is changing with new digital channels appearing on a regular basis, all of which are fighting for their share of advertising and ratings. Of course, they need qualified professionals who are able to create their programming and keep them on air, whether that’s production crews or the faces in front of the camera. With the recent switching off of the analogue broadcast signals around the country, the digital age is truly here – yet more channels and production companies will continue to spring up, so if you’re looking to move into television it’s an ideal time.

The interactive media scene is a real growth area where a talented worker can find themselves in high demand. The proportion of people using the internet to those who actually know how to create and maintain online presences is immense, so being able to build and develop meaningful, solid digital experiences is a very valuable skill. You’ll generally find that most people in this field are freelance, working on contracts that can be quite lucrative but require a speedy turnaround; however, more design houses are also opening which can mean better job security.

If you’re in entertainment, accountants could be a most useful ally.

Wherever you may find yourself working, in the media the vast majority of people are either freelance or moving from one short-term contract to the next. It’s a highly risky area, one where you yourself are responsible for ensuring that all of your financial records are kept up to date. Keeping records of your income and expenditure and making sure that your tax records are in perfect order are incredibly important, so be sure not to let them slide.

Of course, that can easily happen; working in such a high pressure environment with demands on your time to get projects finished quickly can mean that some things fall by the wayside. However, with specialist entertainment accountants available to handle everything financial on your behalf, you’ll be able to concentrate on your work while they deal with the numbers. If you’re serious about working in the media, you’ll want to focus all your effort into your projects, so why not let the professionals handle the numbers while you concentrate on creating?