Serving Up the Best of Media Entertainment

A lot of buzz was created when iPod Touch 3G was launched into the market. Great reviews greeted the new product and that didn’t stop there. Thanks to the ever-growing apps, iPod Touch 3G is more solid now than ever before. There are a lot of programs to fill up your iPod that you will drain your pocket even before you run out of storage space.

This version of iPod Touch is probably a heaven sent for hard-core gamers since this is its forte. You might encounter problems with other apps but when it comes to gaming, iPod 3G will play it all. There is just no limit for game lovers from popular arcade games to more hard core video games the App Store has it all. What’s more, you will never be disappointed with its responsive screen.

It would be safe to say that you don’t have to carry another gaming gadget during your travel if you have an iPod Touch 3G. Because with this portable media player, you can entertain yourself for long hours, just like you would with other gaming handheld. If you are not a gamer, there’s still more than enough reason for you to adore this gadget.

You can play all the songs you want and while it doesn’t posses the best sound quality, it makes up for its user interface. By using the different functions like portrait mode, landscape mode, and the Shake to Shuffle which gives you the ability to access your music while the other keys and buttons are locked, you would never have to think of buying another music player. And if you get your videos from iTunes then you are definitely in the right place since Apple has an online store that dishes up TVs and films with the right format.