Paper Books of Today Versus Multi-Media Books of Tomorrow

The other day at our Think Tank we were discussing the end of an era of the printing press, and book. That is to say the end of paper books, magazines, and newspapers. Just as the US Post Office is having trouble competing with email delivery, eCoupons, and online accounts and bill paying, the publishing industry is getting hammered by eZines and eBooks. Now then, when there is chaos and crisis or disruptive innovation in one sector of an industry, there is in fact, opportunity in another.

Not so long ago, I mentioned to an acquaintance that I’d written an interesting article on multi-media books of the future, which would be displayed on eReaders, Tablets, and Laptops – not only would these books have associated videos, graphics, pictures, avatars, but they would also encompass sight, smell, sound, and touch. Okay so let me explain. Scents would be present if the characters were walking through a field of daisies, along with a holographic display.

When I explained this to a fellow think tanker type, Troy LaClaire, in conjunction with the fact that the publishing industry challenges, and that the publishing sector would have to adapt or die he stated;

“That is interesting, and I have thought a bit on the subject myself. Eventually the paper book industry will become a dying art, and the e-book industry is going to have to expand to keep people interested. The thought of having something you can actually interact with would be an interesting prospect, and how long before we have hand-sized holoprojector systems that you can place into the middle of a empty room and have it display fully around you?”

Wow, now that is an intriguing question isn’t it? I guess I’d estimate in 5-8 years, as in the iPhone 12 or iPad 8, most likely. Now then, how does this affect you the creative writer, who will still be producing some of your best future works during those next 5-8 years? Okay so, what this means is we really are living in the last era of fine literature put into 600-1,000 word novels, and in the future it will be all about multi-media, entertainment, and touching all the senses. Are you ready for that, if not you need to be.

In fact, I’d recommend that when you write your future greatest work or novel that you gear it towards multi-media and figure out how your storyline will compliment this new venue. Please consider all this and think on it. If you have relevant case studies, industry information, or perhaps questions then please shoot me an email.