Mobile Media Entertainment

Technology re-identified is the attempt to coalesce tools into one mini gadget. We can say that technology is an evolution in a hurry. I wouldn’t agree that laziness fathered invention. Humans are just a convenience-hungry creature.

It’s really tricky to tell which among the latest gadgets is the newest, as new gadgets swarm the markets in an almost daily basis. We can say that the entertainment value of each concept-created gadget dominates pragmatic reasons. Or, that the primary rationale of most gadgets that is communication has been redefined to make communication more fun.

It is amazing to trace how man has improved his means of communication. He started scribbling in cave walls, has learned to use figures and icons to convey a message and he has later learned to send those messages using trained pigeons. And because man is ever hungry to leave a more expedient life, he never ceased to advance. And man has worked arduously to develop his communication equipment. But besides man’s ingenuity and being convenience-hungry is man’s love for fun. And man’s love for pleasure dates back from the prehistoric era when people go to coliseums to watch feisty gladiators, to these days when south and North Pole can easily converge. Maybe because enjoyment is tantamount to convenience.

And we are man!

We seek entertainment ubiquitously. We enjoy a cab ride and a coffee break when a good song is played on the background, we enjoy a bus ride if it has a television that makes us oblivious of the congested traffic, and on our rest days we would never miss movie marathons or the never ending political ruckus featured in news and current affairs programs. And of course, we would never fail to send text messages to friends, chat with them or talk with them on webcam. It’s always fun to exchange greetings with friends after a week-long killer work, don’t you agree?

It is staggering that technology has become both a necessity and a source of entertainment.

We are now living the touch screen age, a fast-paced lifestyle. We have become busier people and time has become priceless times three. The things in our must-do list can no longer be accommodated by the 24 hours in one day, and stress has become the most common malady. But as always, technology has provided an answer.

Technology has boosted the doodads that most of us are already accustomed to. Let’s take the cell phone as an example. The cell phone that was once a plain SMS and call gizmo has improved to become a multi-media capable device. Such enhancements are much appreciated by company executives and other white collar personnel, but let’s not care about what they do with Bluetooth, infrared, video files and WI-FI. Not many of us understand the stock market and banking and finance. But we all know how to pose in front of camera. And we are all addicted to uploading our pictures in friend-finding sites. And we can’t stop downloading the latest music video of our favorite boy band or the song of that sexy sultry singer whose face you first saw in the JPEG file that an acquaintance has sent you in MMS.

It will be time-consuming if we need to be seated in one place to do our technical stuffs. Thus, it is only proper to commend technology for coming up with mobile services, special mention to mobile entertainment. Now, we may not be seated in front of a webcam because 3G allows us to make video calls, we can already chat on our cell phones and even surf the internet. We don’t have to be at home, in front of our TVs to watch a much-talked boxing match [because the same thing can also be done on our cell phones]. We can forget about our bulky Walkmans or Discmans and just stuck in our ears our mp4’s earpiece. Wouldn’t you want you be encouraged to lose weight if your jogging shoes have a built-in mp4? And hey, the last time I checked on a tech’s must-buy list is an mp4 with a camera. If there is anything more chic than it, I wouldn’t wonder.