Media Exposure in Dubai and Job Opportunities

Dubai has great career opportunities for professionals who are engaged with media industry. Dubai has become top destination for foreign expats because of its luxurious lifestyle and tax-free salary packages. If you have right skills and experience regarding media industry then this is the right time to move on and grab the opportunities. Thousands of media companies are looking for skilled media professionals within whole United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is expanding in all directions successfully. Mission of Dubai Ruler’s aimed at diversifying economy cross different directions. This has lead to supercharge the development different sectors and industries. Main sectors and industries that has boosted at fast pace in Dubai includes real estate, finance, construction, tourism, media & entertainment and health care.

Media industry is among most flourishing industries in Dubai. Main reason behind this is special attention of Dubai Government, as a result, special infrastructures have been developed in the form of media parks like Dubai Studio City, Dubai Media City & Dubai Internet City that has enabled housing of big multinational companies. Due to these measures by the Government Dubai has emerged as media-hub in the region. Dubai has also successfully held one of the largest International Advertising Association’s (IAA) conference last year and delegates from around the globe participated in it.

This rapid progress in the media industry has generated thousands of media related jobs in whole Middle East. As a result, thousands of foreign professionals are making Dubai their favorite expat destination by getting hired in national and multinational media related companies.

How to Select a Network HD Media Player

With a network HD media player you can have instant access to all of your favorite movies from the past until now. You can even access online movies and videos at the simple click of a button.

You will have the capabilities to stream all of your most loved videos off of any site on the internet and they will be in full HD glory too! New apps are constantly being offered so you can rest assured you are always offered up to date streaming video and music selections.

These streaming HD media players offer anything your wildest techno dreams could imagine. With its stealth looks and capabilities, a whole new internet awaits you. You can change the whole way you look at media entertainment online. When you experience the internet that has been directed right to your TV screen you will never be able to watch regular media again.

All of these media players are designed a bit differently with their own special features that are created just for consumers like you. There are so many features that the HD media offers for your enjoyment. For example: internet video is already built in, you can watch your media through Dash player and even register with Netflix and have the latest box office hits in your own living room.

You can utilize USB flash drives or external ones either way to enjoy crystal clear video quality and precision. If you see a movie or program that you really like in particular you can add it to bookmark or the highlight videos folder. After bookmarking, accessing your favorite channels will now be a snap on the HD quality media player.

Most of the quality multimedia players are DLNA certified which means they meet all of the required video and audio format requirements. It is possible however to run across a few files now and then that won’t be compatible. There is also a socialize feature on the media players that allows you direct posting capabilities on Facebook and Twitter. You will be able to share all of the latest news and interests on internet media and music. This is one of the most favored features of the HD player. If you desire to see streaming video in the most crystal clear and brilliant way possible then buy a Media player today and have the world of the internet virtually at your fingertips.

Entertaining when Presenting Mind Map Methods to Students

When teaching a new way of thinking to students it is important that they grasp the concept. If you over entertain you lose them in the excitement and if you do not entertain enough they fall asleep. So the question recently pondered at the Online Think Tank was; Explaining VS. Entertaining when Presenting Mind Map Methods to Students.

Let face it kids are bombarded with media entertainment and so if you do not WOW the crowd then you cannot compete with the mass media hysteria, U-Tube and Internet. When teaching to University Student X’ers, you must remember they do not trust the establishment.

Of course when teaching Mind Mapping and Mind Map concepts generally disdain for establishment can be overcome and the thought of Mind Map thinking is indeed somewhat anti-establishment, as you tell them to “Question Authority,” think for themselves, look over the data and be skeptical of news articles with Who, what, when, where, how, why, etc.

Thus you have all the components to teach it and rather than dwelling on it all, maybe you could “Just Start” and see what works and modify it as you go. Of course this is contrary to scientific method or even educator type thinking. So you need to explain the Mind Mapping and go easy on the entertainment side of the presentation, but not void of a little excitement.

As our Online Think Tank debated this we came to the conclusion that more teaching sessions of Mind Mapping needed to be scrutinized to see what worked best with what age groups to insure that they grasp the concept and modify it as we go. We need to teach People to think systematically and strategically using their reference points and from their perspectives.

After all, you can look into a human’s eyes and know if they know and when you are done, you should be able to ascertain if they get it or Not? What do you think? Well, I hope this thinking exercise was of value in itself and it helps you in your quest to be the best in 2007.

Media Choices That Matter

Sometime around 1997 and 1998 I made a decision that would alter my life ever so slightly for the next ten plus years. I turned off my television. I didn’t get rid of it I simply canceled my cable service and stopped watching. I continued to rent movies at a rapid pace and with the money I wasn’t spending on cable service I even began to purchase some movies. But the television was gone.

This might not seem like such a big deal as there are a lot of people who don’t watch television for a myriad of reasons. What made it a big deal for me was that I had more than grown up with television my life was centered on television. I was in my twenties before I could no longer recite to the Thursday night lineup the included “The Cosby Show” or the lineup from years before that which included “The A-Team”. In 1983 my summer mornings did not consist of games of baseball in an old sandlot or explorations down by the creek. They consisted of Pat Sajak and The Wheel of Fortune, reruns of The Love Boat and Benson, and the Peter Tomarken hosted Press Your Luck. So to walk away from the television after twenty years of “marriage” was extreme.

In Disney’s 2000 movie “The Kid” the character of Rusty utters the quote, “Holy smokes… 99 channels and there’s nothing on!” That is how I began to feel. An evening of television viewing became two hours of channel surfing. Never really watching all of anything but simply trying to watch part of everything. I could feel the brain cells rotting away by the truckload.

In 2000 (or 2001) my then fiancé and I made another media life changing decision; we made the decision to stop watching R-rated movies. We had chosen to put the counsel of the church leaders to the test. Would it make a difference if we did or did not watch R-rated movies? It did. We became much more aware of the content of the movies and television programs that we watched.

Three or four years later we noticed another effect of our decision. In 2002 the Lord blessed our home and our marriage with two precious little souls to nurture. Because of our media entertainment choices prior to our children’s birth we had no cable on our television at home and so as our children got older and we started to introduce them to video entertainment their selections were what was available on PBS – Sesame Street, Cailou, etc. – and the few video tapes (and later DVDs) that we owned or checked out from the library. An amusing side effect of this was that once when our children were two or three and we visited my wife’s grandmother they chose to sit down and watch cartoons that they did not have access to in our home. The first commercial that came on was very irritating for my children because they wanted to know who had changed the channel. They had never seen a commercial before and had a difficult time comprehending the concept.

In an article in the November 2003 Liahona (“Let Our Voices Be Heard,” Liahona, Nov 2003, 16-19) M. Russell Ballard issued some warnings about the media choices we make everyday. He counseled that we should “choose wisely what we listen to and what we watch.” He further admonished, “The choices we make in media can be symbolic of the choices we make in life. Choosing the trendy, the titillating, the tawdry in the TV programs or movies we watch can cause us to end up, if we’re not careful, choosing the same things in the lives we live.”

In the news recently there has been much talk of individuals and families who have been focusing on not buying any products that were made in China. These consumers sometimes go to great lengths to obtain items that they desire to have. At times they even choose to go without certain things in order to stay true to the personal standards they have set. As faithful latter-day saints we too should be remaining true to our personal standards we should be choosing entertainment mediums that are uplifting, that are clean, and that help us stay focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ and that don’t leave the door open for Satan to weave his destructive web of immorality, innuendo, and deceit within the walls of our homes.

Contemporary Entertainment Furniture

You spend so much time viewing your television, so it’s important the surroundings are worth looking at. There are now more stylish solutions on the market than ever before, but some of the glossiest designs are coming out of Italy, and especially designer Casabella. Their popular Luce and Rivera ranges, which are available from select upmarket furniture retailers, have been extended to include multi-media units which offer flexible storage opportunities, while being designed to harmonise with the other contemporary furniture pieces in the range.

The gorgeous black and white Luce low-level TV and entertainment storage units are divided into two or three drawer elements that allow complete freedom to create your ideal furniture piece. The soft black gloss contrasts with the white drawers to create an eye-catching effect. By removing the optional glass TV shelf, you also have a striking low sideboard for displaying important items.

Luce’s spacious TV and media entertainment unit features several shelves for a DVD player and/or satellite/freeview receiver, plus generous cupboard space with a sliding DVD shelf. This contemporary unit can be personalised by either a glass or solid door across the cabinet area.

Rivera’s entertainment unit is designed to fit with the rest of the range, contrasting glossy white with rich olive wood. It’s a combination that oozes opulence, matched by the clever design’s functionality as it incorporates 3 spacious shelves, a large space for your TV and cabinet storage for your media.

Guidelines to an Effective New Media Music Press Release

As an independent or unsigned musician you may be wondering just exactly what is the function of a music publicist. Well, clearly they certainly have a few important functions in the promotion of your music career – this is for sure. This article is geared to showing you the guidelines to publicity in the music business regarding the new media music press release. The primary function of a good music publicist is to generate awareness for an artists project and their CD product releases. They do this easily, if they are good and evidently they must be very well connected. A well connected music publicist has built many relationships over the years with music journalists, and music media outlets. There are many entertainment publicists for hire however it is crucial to slowly make the right decision when hiring a music publicist. When a publicist who has built relations and is well connected speaks – the music media and entertainment media listens. There are many music-publicist want to-be’s so do it slowly, and most certainly do exhibit caution in your selection of a music publicist.

There are obviously various strategies employed by a real music publicist to create awareness for a music project from advertising, marketing, to obtaining features and reviews. Evidently one of the biggest forms of music marketing implemented by a music publicist that allows them to powerfully promote their artists release or tour is the almighty music press release. Hands down, this is one of the most effective methods of music marketing for your project. In today’s world over 90 per cent of press releases are distributed digitally to new media Internet entertainment related web portals. So this is the way to go. Forget about print releases. They are just not effective and rarely used any longer.

An effective new media digital release should contain the following elements in order to be effective and powerfully and strategically draw awareness to your music project, release, and tours.

* The story contained in the music media piece should be newsworthy and be of interest to readers. Powerfully and slowly create a headline and subheadings that cannot be ignored.

* Define your target audience and subsequent press list – In the case of a music press release obviously your release should be geared and directed toward music journalists and new media entertainment web portals that specialize in your music genre.

* Clearly talk about the unique qualities of the band or release – something that stands out among the sea of other artists and musicians

* Include quotes from reviews, and magazine media outlets if you have them

* Add multimedia to your new media press release such as video and photos

* Note details of tours and releases and don’t forget to add a link to your websites and contact information.

* Don’t forget to add your press release to the news and media page of all of your websites.

* Obviously you must make sure your digital music press release is properly optimized for the search engines. The release will be found easier when it is enriched with keywords and this will ultimately drive massive traffic to your website if the story is interesting.

Once the carefully and powerfully created music press release is complete, optimized and ready to blast, you should slowly target the geographic areas and music and entertainment markets you want to blast out to. There are a few good press release distribution wires available such as,,, and among others.

It is crucial that music press releases are written precisely the way they have to be in order to generate the interest you need for your project in order for the press release to be worthwhile. Every single element such as copy, multimedia, the story, etc must be taken into consideration. Obviously it cost a couple bucks to utilize the services of a press release wire distribution service so you want to make sure that the press release is worthy, professionally written and search engine optimized. If you’re not sure how to write and prepare a professional music press release then by all means engage a professional music publicity writer to do it. It doesn’t cost much and it can assure the effectiveness of your release. The music press release is far too important to just throw something – anything up there. You can view some professionally written press releases at my website which is listed below. Best of luck. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance.

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Ken Cavalier is a music business consultant, publicist, and marketing expert and author. He has been assisting unsigned and independent artists with their music careers since 1983. He is the founder of The Allure Media Entertainment Group, Inc. an artist management and publicity firm in Philadelphia, PA. He is a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Science (™The Grammy Association) His passion for music and assisting independent artists with their careers prompted him to form The Indie Music Marketing & Consulting Group. An organization specifically designed to assist Indie Artists with marketing and promoting their careers. The firm specializes in publicity and copywriting services providing professionally written music press releases, one-sheets, features, bios, and other music media among a wide variety of music marketing and music promotion services for Indie musicians.